About Us

Welcome to the Website for Anntensity

Thank you for stopping by! This is the online presence for the legendary Anntensity fanpage. Anntensity has slowly risen from being an obscure, just short of creepy admiration page for Ann Coulter to being one of the most retweeted Twitter accounts by Ann Coulter. The fanpage is respected for it's content even by liberals.


We hope that you follow us on Twitter and partake of the tweets. Throughout history and before the advent of Twitter, there has always been some sort of fanpage for Ann Coulter. However, Anntensity definitely stands out from the others today. Some people say if you've absolutely gotta get Ann Coulter's attention, try to get Anntensity to retweet you.


This page will be adding more content as it grows, not to mention as it receives feedback ideas from fans. As you probably know, a website has more flexibility than a Twitter account, so check back here periodically to see exclusive stuff. We might even post Q&A's with Ann.